Yoga Nashit practice for the Follicular phase


Yoga Nashit practice for the Follicular phase


One can only recognize the first day of ovulation by conducting a precise record of symptoms, after the cycle has ended.

In a Fertility Awareness course, you can learn to rcognize the changes that occur in the body, such as cervical changes,

cervical mucus change and checking your morning temperature. You learn to track them and understand exactly when you ovulate.

Yet, even if you do not track these changes, you can still know, after following a few of your menstrual cycles carefully, approximately when you ovulate. 

After ovulation, a woman's progesterone levels begin to rise. Progesterone raises the body temperature,

which will remain higher than normal when pregnant.

If not pregnant, then a woman's body temperature will fall again 14 days after it has risen.

In other words, 14 days after ovulation the next menstruation flow will appear. 


Every woman is susceptible to this hormone, yet each woman reacts to it differently. In Yoga Nashit practice we turn the gaze inwards and observe one's own houghts and feelings. Many women have reported that they are extremely sensitive to its effects after they have learned to listen to their bodies.

Progesterone is a hormone which encourages introspection. 

The more you learn to listen to it, the more you should be able to use it for your own benefit. 

Instead of reacting from a place that triggers from hurt and anger, a place which does not understand the constant changes and mood swings. 

You can learn with Yoga Nashit how to look inside yourself and connect with your unique inner resources, and be more centered when reacting to the outside world.