Yoga for Menstruation

The period of menstruation allocates time to regulate the mind and the body.

The first day of a women's cycle is the first day of her period. Sometimes it is clear exactly when this occurs, yet for other women, this assertion might take a day or two. The blood flows slowly at first and takes a while until it reaches its full flow. Even so, the very first signs of blood represent the start of the monthly cycle.

The menstrual days are days when the body cleanses itself. It is a time of letting go, of releasing. The energy flows downwards towards the earth. Pregnancy, which the body has prepared itself for, does not occur and the thickening lining of the uterus, endometrium, which was supposed to support a pregnancy, is washed away. As far as the womb and body are concerned, these are days of mourning, as the body did everything it could to hold on to the pregnancy, which is now being washed away.


These are days of processing the period which has just occurred and preparing for the next one. These are days which should be spent in an introversive state. This does not mean that one has to stop living altogether. One still has to go to work and to continue doing all the household chores. Yet, this is a time to decide where to take it easy, what to give up on, what not to do. Which tasks can be postponed for more energetic days, days which are not far off. If you allow yourself this time, if you are able to truly listen to your body's needs, then your body will be eternally grateful. These days are days of moderation. This is a time to spare yourself, spare your body and your soul, to store up on all that energy, so that it may be used at a later, more appropriate time. This is a time to prepare yourself for your next cycle.

This is a period of rest. Learn to demand that for yourself. If you continue to do so, you will find that your entire cycle will undergo a change for the better. PMS symptoms will either lessen or completely disappear. It is during the days of your period that you begin to prepare yourself for your next cycle. If you allow yourself the time to properly experience your current period, you are in effect allowing yourself to reach your next cycle a lot more energized and alive.