Yoga Nashit and the Ability to Listen to the Change;

Yoga Nashit is based on the ability to listen to change. The yoga practice changes according to the changes a woman goes through during her monthly cycle. The level of difficulty changes according to hormonal changes, which occur throughout the monthly cycle and throughout a woman's life.

Yoga Nashit enables a woman to stop and take a good look at herself, to experience and understand her body from within. With the help of this ability, a woman learns to adjust to the changes she is constantly going through. We grow up in and live in a society, which does not respect these changes, nor does it allow us the time we need in order to adjust. The constant rat race, the drive to do it all, often leaves us breathless. When in this state, our bodies tell us so, our bodies send out messages alerting us to the dangers of over extending ourselves and over doing things. Whether by causing us to be anxious, or getting a migraine before the time of our period, experiencing period pain which interferes with our daily life, heavy blood flow, or no blood flow at all, infertility, dramatic menopause, etc. No matter how, our body reacts to our pushing ourselves to the extreme.


In order to suit the yoga practice to your monthly cycle, you need to understand the changes you are going through. You need to understand how being able to listen to your body and change your life style accordingly, can ease pain and discomfort and improve your life immensely.


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