Yoga Nashit practice for the phase after menstruation up until Ovulation

If you have allowed yourself to take time to rest and drew inwards in the phases leading up to and during menstruation, on the days leading towards ovulation you will feel a surge of energy building.  


Each woman's period lasts for a different amount of time, anywhere between two to six days is considered normal.

The blood flow could also vary with each new menstrual cycle, and at different times during a woman's life.

From the moment the blood flow has stopped, you need to begin to slowly restore your energy levels. Yet, before you can do that, you need to restore your body, in particular, your womb.

From the moment your period is over, your body begins to prepare itself for ovulation.

The estrogen levels begin to slowly increase. This extremely important female hormone, prepares the body for the next ovulation.

At this time, a woman usually begins to feel more alive, as her energy levels increase.

Furthermore, a woman's sexual desire also begins to increase, reaching its peak at the time of ovulation.

These are the days to get things done. Everything that has been postponed can now be accomplished.

At this time, a woman is at her best. She needs to wear less make up, as her skin is usually glowing with a natural glow.

This is the time to schedule important meetings, as a woman's verbal abilities are at their peak.

Estrogen pushes us to turn outwards, towards the world. It causes us to be more verbal, more communicative.

Elevated estrogen levels can even make us feel more feminine and function as better mothers. Estrogen is good for us, it makes us feel good, it makes us come alive.

During this period of time, our bodies are preparing for a possible pregnancy. Even so, a pregnancy does not only mean

giving birth to a child, one could give birth to an idea, a dream, an initiative you thought about during your period.

Any idea or dream, which was thought up during the time of menstruation, can now be brought into action.

This is the time for doing.


Yoga Practice Before Ovulation:

This is the time for a dynamic, energetic practice. A time for inversions, which enhance ovulation.

Breathing exercises, which include holding your breath like, Udiyana Bandha, or Kumbhaka are good for you.

Standing poses, which include large back, or forward bends can now be practiced.