Mira Artzi Padan's life and work



Mira Artzi Padan, born 1964, married with three children, lives and works in Israel.

She is a certified instructor by “The Israel Child Birth Education Center”, coaching natural birth approach and breast feeding, and is also a senior yoga teacher.

She has co-authored the best-seller book “Nature Born”, published by Keter.


Yoga Nashit -  Yoga for Women’s Health” developed by her, is a unique yoga method, tailored specifically for women, and is presented on two CD’s “Yoga for Pregnancies and After Birth” and “Yoga Nashit”. In 2014 has publish the best seller book “Yoga Nashit – Women’s Health Via Yoga”. All the above are presently available only in Hebrew.


At the “Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sport”, the “Nat Holman School for Coaches and Instructors”, she established and headed courses of her unique method of yoga for women, specifically concentrating on pregnancy, birth and post-partum, to post graduate certified yoga teacher.  


Mira is a member and the head of the Ethic Committie of The “Yoga Teachers Association”,  and teaches her distinctive yoga for women method ("Yoga Nashit") to yoga teachers across the country. Presently in Israel there are several hundred yoga teachers of her method, while constantly growing, whom she consistently assists and supports.  


“Yoga Nashit” has formulated a distinguished form of individual and collective support to its many teachers, holding extensive activities across Israel.


Some of her disciples, now teaching her method abroad, are also being buoyed by her.