Yoga for PMS



Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)


When people talk about PMS (or pre-menstrual syndrome), about a hundred or so known symptoms come to mind.

These symptoms are caused by sensitivity to progesterone, the hormone that increases after ovulation toward the next menstruation or pregnancy.  We are all sensitive to progesterone, at one level or another.

Also, we are living in a culture that tries to hide menstruation simply because it is kind of a nuisance.  The rejection of menstruation creates tensions in the body just before it appears and the symptoms act to reinforce its rejection.

By practicing Yoga Nashit - Mira Yoga for Women's Health, we learn to appreciate and look forward to the days of menstruation as a substantial part of the cycles of ebb and flow in our lives, as some of the most significant days of the month. The menstrual period regulates the things which have been and that will come, will be.  Recognizing its importance reduces the symptoms and even eliminates them!

More than 70% of women suffer from symptoms that accompany the menstrual period in the knowledge that "nothing can be done, I must learn to live with the inconvenience," because that's what the doctor told them, or their mother, who is certain that she passed on the symptoms as an inheritance.  Common symptoms include migraines, abdominal pain (menstrual pain), emotional instability, herpes, rage, breast tenderness, abdominal bloating and fatigue, craving for sweet foods, proneness to minor accidents, and more.

Most of us are familiar with some of the signs and continue "as usual" with them, trying to get through the day with minimal damage.


A symptom is an information sent by the body

Monitoring the menstrual cycle allows us to become familiar with and study ourselves in depth. When we learn to listen to our menstrual cycle, the symptoms that accompany it become teachers that are teaching us.

You can accept this discomfort and pain submissively.  Many women have done it before you.  However, you can listen to the messages.  This is the body's way of voicing itself.

When a woman embraces her menstrual cycle into her life, she learns also to listen to its messages.  Following the menstrual cycle requires taking notes almost daily.  At the end of each day, you register an entry in the journal, noting significant things you experienced.  After a few months, you'll notice that certain signs recur on matching days.  For example, migraines occurring days before menstruation or at the onset of menstruation, weakness of the immune system, strongly expressed by fever or herpes.  You may have ignored it for many years.  But once you have found the connection, you can ignore it no longer.

Practicing Mira Yoga for Women's Health allows you to adjust the practice to the symptoms, and thus reduce them, or even eliminate them completely.  First, you need to adjust practice to your monthly cycle.  But the symptoms will not disappear immediately.  It can take a few good cycles in which you'll have to make some changes in your life.  For example, to reduce migraines, you must understand that you must commit yourself to reducing energy expenditure during those days.  Do not stop living.  On the contrary, lead an excellent life in accordance with your energy level.  Gradually, you will learn to organize your life so that on good days you will be at the peak of your activity, and save the lower-activity phase to the more introverted days. For example, if you have important meetings, try to avoid them around the days of menstruation.  Schedule them for the days when you are at your peak.  A migraine signifies that you really need to rest.

If you have a strong desire for sweets before menstruation, be attentive.  Try to understand in what way it serves you.  Once these questions are asked, the craving is replaced by listening and the habit changes.  This is not a diet.  This listening.  In the worst case scenario, you will once again attack (attentively ...) an innocent chocolate bar.  But from the experience of many women, it will not really work.  The change will come.

If you are nervous and emotionally unstable, try to avoid encounters that are not right for you.  Nothing will happen if you refuse a meeting that could result in discomfort, just because you are currently not up for it.  Coordinate meetings to the days when you are at your best.  Many women have told me that they learned to hold family gatherings around their ovulation days.  This saved them unnecessary family dramas.





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