Yoga Nashit- Embracing your changing self - JAQUELINE ROSE


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I am like many working women in Israel – I have two jobs. I am an environmentalist and a yoga teacher. Having read that, you probably think I am a vegetarian, tree-hugging, super calm person, who knows how to breathe through every situation, never shouts, lives off wheat-grass and eats only organic. Happily for me and my family, that is very far from the truth.

As a wife and working mother of 5, life is always busy and crazy. This is the common theme for most women in today’s modern society, running as fast as we can just to keep up, to be the perfect mother, wife, and professional, to live picture-perfect Facebook lives.

A few years ago, following a crazy year having returned from shlichut, dealing with a sick child and giving birth to child #5, I decided it was time to do something for myself and went to study to be an instructor for “Yoga for Pregnancy”. This led to another year of study to be an instructor for “Yoga Nashit”. This journey has been life-changing for me and I now have a responsibility to pass these life lessons on to other women.

So what is Yoga Nashit and how can it help you?


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