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Mira Yoga - Women's Health - Skype Lesson

Nurit sivan, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist for women.

We can set a skype one on one session, and create a balancing space for your body and soul. the women's Yoga by Mira Artzi Padan is a powerfull tool by being a channel to renew the connection between the sensations, feelings, behaviors and patterns threw starting a new dialogue with the pelvic area. During the session you will practice Yoga Posture designed specially for you, Breathing technics and relaxation. You will learn to find your power within and stabilize your daily life physicaly and mentaly.

Mira Yoga - Women's Health  emphasizes on the women's body by treatiing it carefully in the different days of the month and different periods of life, and by practicing the pelvic area in order to improve the woman health, for example: a woman dealing with Hormone disorders, pelvic pains, infertility, PMS etc.

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Payment Via PayPal - 60$ per session


See you, Nurit Siavn